Healing from the inside out.


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Certified Wellness Coach

Jesse is a passionate advocate for Health and Wellness throughout all stages of life. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Food and Nutrition Management and is currently a member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management. As a Certified Life Skills Coach, he combines his wellness training with a client-centred approach, to help clients achieve transformations in their health and wellness.

ways I help you

Group & One on One Coaching

Jesse is a passionate advocate for wellness, emphasising the mind/body/spirit connection. He believes in healing from the inside out, nurturing our emotional and spiritual health with gentle nutrition, weight inclusive care, and joyful movement. He does not believe in strict nutritional dogmas or punishing wellness regiments. Instead, he offers a holistic approach to wellness, based on a person’s unique needs and mindset. Jesse’s goal with each client is healing the mind and body, and releasing you from the negative patterns that have kept you stuck and unable to achieve your goals long term.


Ditch Diet Culture for Good:

At our Wellness Sanctuary, we're committed to helping you break free from the toxic grasp of diet culture. We believe that your worth is not determined by your body size or a number on the scale. Our approach is weight-inclusive, promoting self-acceptance and body positivity.


Healing Your Relationship with Food

We understand that your relationship with food goes beyond mere sustenance. It's about nourishment, pleasure, and emotional well-being. We'll work with you to heal your relationship with food, fostering a positive and balanced connection that empowers you to make informed choices without guilt or shame.


Gentle Nutrition

Instead of rigid diets, we embrace gentle nutrition. It's about nourishing your body with love and care, finding joy in wholesome foods, and creating sustainable, long-term habits that support your well-being.


Discover What's Important to You

Our journey together goes beyond food. We'll help you explore the deeper aspects of your life that contribute to your overall wellness – from stress management and self-care to mindfulness and self-compassion.



One on One Coaching

In our one-on-one sessions, we will delve deep into your personal journey of "Empowerment Through Wellness" and focus on the core principle of "Healing from the Inside Out."

Group Coaching

"Empowerment through Wellness - Healing from the Inside Out"

Spiritual Wellness Coaching

This one-on-one coaching experience is tailor-made for those seeking a profound exploration of the intricate connection between wellness and spirituality, with a strong focus on emotional healing.