My Approach

Jesse is a passionate advocate for wellness, emphasizing the mind/body/spirit connection. He believes in healing from the inside out, nurturing our emotional and spiritual health with gentle nutrition, weight inclusive care, and joyful movement. He does not believe in strict nutritional dogmas or punishing wellness regiments. Instead, he offers a holistic approach to wellness, based on a person’s unique needs and mindset. Jesse’s goal with each client is healing the mind and body, and releasing them from the negative patterns that have kept them stuck and unable to achieve their goals long term.
Working with Jesse you can expect a compassionate and supportive approach to your wellness. Jesse’s goal, with each one of his clients, is to begin to transform their wellness, both the body and mind. Jesse works to help you better understand your patterns, and if needed, identify the blocks that may have kept you from achieving your health and wellness goals. You will then work together to establish your unique wellness goals and plan actionable steps to help you achieve those goals. Jesse’s background with meal planning, cooking delicious meals, and nutrition, will be a big asset during this step. As you work towards healing from the inside out, Jesse will be with you every step of the way, giving you the support and accountability you need to make these changes stick long term.

*Note: Jesse uses the word “healing” in general terms, and does not make any claims that working with him, or following his advice, leads to physical healing of illness or disease. He does believe that there are many wellness modalities, however, including gentle nutrition and joyful eating, that have the potential to positively impact your health and wellbeing. Many clients have described this transformation of their health and wellness as “healing.”

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